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Shaolin Kung Fu in Madison Heights

The Michigan Shaolin Wugong Temple is located in the area of Madison Heights, MI. Its goal is to foster Madison Heights Shaolin Kung Fu in the authentic tradition of the Shaolin Temple.

The Michigan Shaolin Wugong Temple offers classes in Yue Chia Quan (Yu Family Style Fist, alternately Yue Ch’uan).
Yue chia is a Northern Shaolin kung fu form that developed from the style of martial arts practiced at the first Shaolin Temple in the Henan province of China.

Being a Northern Shaolin kung fu style, Yue chia emphasizes shoulder width stances and mobility in both defense and attack.

This gives Yue chia stylists marked advantages in self-defense situations especially against less mobile would-be antagonists who favor wide stances and rely on hard blocks for defense.

Yet the Shaolin monks and nuns practiced martial arts as part of an overall mind body study that allowed them to enrich their minds, bodies, and souls.

The Michigan Shaolin Wugong Temple seeks to continue this tradition in its classes for Madison Heights Shaolin Kung Fu.


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