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Main Instructor Bio
Yuejiaquan Xing San (Yuejiaquan Form Three) 岳家形三
February 2016 Chinese New Year Festival Demo

Boris Layupan has practiced martial arts for over 20 years. Modern martial arts in China, Korea, and Japan can be traced back to the classical Shaolin Temple.

The Michigan Shaolin Wugong Temple offers authentic Chinese mixed martial arts classes to people of all skill levels. Lessons are offered in Yuejiaquan or Yuèjiā quán (岳家拳, literally Yue Family Fist, alternately Yue Ch'uan) and Yang T'ai Chi (Taiji) or T'ai Chi Chuan (T'ai Chi Ch'üan or Taijiquan) (太极拳, literally Grand Ultimate Fist).

Yuejiaquan and T'ai Chi Chuan Encompass:



Joint Locks (Ch'in Na)

Practical Grappling
Shuai jiao

Wushu Taolu (Forms)
Empty hand

Yuejiaquan is a Northern Shaolin Wugong (武功, warrior art) form which evolved from and includes the tradition of the classic Shaolin Temple. Yuejiaquan is the original mixed martial art dating back to the 6th century AD. Yuejiaquan is a Shaolin Fist Technique (Shàolínquán fǎ 少林拳法), which is a part of Ch'an (Chinese Zen) martial arts (Chánzōng wǔshù 禪宗武術) that combines the martial arts of the Shaolin Temple with Ch'an philosophy. Bodhidarma, the founder of the Shaolin Tradition, taught meditation, energization methods and martial arts for the goal of cultivating spiritual awareness to the Shaolin monks and nuns. Meditation is the primary method used to realize this. Martial arts training and movement are secondary methods.

T'ai Chi Chuan is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for its defense training and its health benefits. T'ai Chi Chuan was created by the Shaolin monk and Taoist sage Chang San-Feng in about the 14th century. It is part of the Wudang Fist (Wǔdāng quán 武當拳) class of martial arts that use a focused mind to control the waist and through it the body.

Students will be taken through dynamic drills that will hone their reflexes, agility, aerobic conditioning, and martial technique. Students can deepen their practice as they learn about meditation and classical Shaolin and T'ai Chi Chuan philosophies that help people to unwind from a stressful day and lead less stressful and happier lives.

Ch'an martial arts and Wudang Fist are ways to reach enlightenment through harmonizing the mind, body, and breath. One can attain a peaceful mind and body through the harmonization of dynamic but calm movement. Ch'an martial arts and Wudang Fist are invigorating and calming.

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