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Martial Arts in Detroit

The Michigan Shaolin Wugong Temple serves as the center of Shaolin martial arts in Southeastern Michigan.

Its mission is to preserve and promote Shaolin martial arts, culture, and philosophy throughout the greater Metro Detroit area.

The Michigan Shaolin Wugong Temple practices Yue Chia Quan (Yu Family Style Fist), a Northern Shaolin kung fu form descended from the original style of kung fu developed at the first Shaolin Temple in northern China within the Song mountains.

The classical Shaolin monks and nuns of the Shaolin Temple of ancient China practiced martial movement as a means of strengthening their bodies.

Their mind body practice gave them practical self-defense abilities, but more importantly their mind body practice enabled them to meditate longer, live happier and less stressful lives, and raise their spirituality.

The Michigan Shaolin Wugong Temple seeks to continue this tradition and offer it to those seeking balance and comfort in today’s more stressful and faster paced modern society. Contact Us


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