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Kung Fu Classes for Adults

Adult beginner classes are offered through the Madison Heights Recreation Department

Private classes are also offered for individuals who are unable to attend regularly scheduled classes.  Interested parties can call (248) 688-5473 to get more details and set up a schedule.

Online and in person/phone enrollments for Spring/Summer Sessions begins on September 6, 2016.

Madison Heights Recreation Dept.
300 West Thirteen Mile Road
Madison Heights, MI 48071

(248) 589-2294


Guan Dao Form 官道形式 by Boris Layupan


Current Location of Classes:
Madison Heights City Hall
Lower Level
Room A
300 W 13 Mile Rd. 
Madison Heights, MI 48071 
(Students enter via the building's West entrance.)
Contact: (248) 688-5473 / E-mail:

Shaolin Kung Fu for Adults

Ages: 14 - 99
7:35 - 8:35 PM
Wednesday and Friday
Min. 10 - Max. 20
Madison Hts Resident: $89
Non-Res.: $94
Madison Heights City Hall Lower Level
Instructor: Boris Layupan


The adult beginner Yue Chia kung fu class will introduce students to basic defensive and offensive techniques which include blocks, sidestepping, chin nas (joint locks), throws, kicks, and punches. Students will learn the practical fighting techniques by classical monks and nuns of the Shaolin Temple in China over 1500 years ago. In addition to greater self-defense capabilities, benefits will include improved health, confidence, discipline, memory. Students wear loose-fitting clothes, no jewelry. Uniforms available for purchase. Those advancing in rank require a uniform. Test fees paid to instructor when necessary.

Shaolin Weapons Class

Ages: 14 - 99
8:35 - 9:35 PM
Wednesday and Friday
Min. 10 - Max. 20
Madison Hts Resident: $75
Non-Res.: $80
Madison Heights City Hall Lower Level
Instructor: Boris Layupan


Students will learn the use of swords, spears, staffs, and other martial arts weapons. Individual and partner drills, weapons forms, and sparring will be used to teach and refine weapons techniques. Students will learn increased awareness, mental focus, better posture, and hone hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Students will purchase practice gear as necessary.  Those interested can inquire about admission.




“May the Force be with You”


Fun and Fitness
Self expression through an art form
Personal Growth
Noninjurious Training Methods


Respect          Agility                                          
Confidence     Discipline
Coordination   Intellect
Balance           Flexibility
Self Control    Character
Strength          Focus

Children’s Classes ages 8-12
Adult Classes
Three Classes per week
Family Discounts

Chief Instructor:
Trained in Japan by Grandmaster
40+ Years of Martial Arts Experience
40+ Years of Teaching Experience
Michigan State Certified Public School Teacher
Special Education Certification

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Children 4:30 – 5:30 PM            10 – 11 AM
Adult      5:30 – 6:30 PM            11 – 12 PM

Class sizes are limited
Training uniform is required
Free Light Saber for new Child Class Sign ups
While supplies last

Offered by the
6345 N. Newburgh Road
Westland, MI  48185
Call (734) 722-0510

Additional Classes offered:  T’ai Chi, Kung Fu, Yoga, Meditation







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